Teaching Culture Indicators:

About this project

Quality teaching is critical in the academic environment, with increasing pressure to develop metrics and quality assurance systems. A culture with improved teaching quality is likely to improve student learning (Cox, McIntosh, Reason & Terenzini, 2011), but in order to better understand the influence of culture on teaching, we need specific measurable indicators. Eight Ontario institutions received funding from a Ministry Productivity and Innovation Fund grant, and developed a Teaching Culture Perception Survey (Hénard & Roseveare, 2012) to explore factors that indicate  a culture  that promotes quality teaching in higher education. The questions were used to facilitate data collection in on-line survey formats and also focus group settings.  The surveys were piloted, and focus groups were run at three institutions – Windsor, Western, and McMaster. Students, faculty and administrators shared their perception of the quality teaching culture based on their personal experience and knowledge.